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Africa property markets roar back to life
Pandemic induced demand has boosted property markets in Africa, with high quality office space, larger homes and bigger warehousing space now sought after. Tilda Mwai rounds up how the property…
One year ago
Strong pricing for industrial assets driving sustained rise in sale and leasebacks
Balance sheet management and strong pricing for industrial assets drives upsurge in corporate asset sales.
2 years ago
Power Struggle
Power. A fundamental component of data centre infrastructure, but a utility that presents both opportunity and challenges. Operators and developers increasingly need to balance exponential growth in…
2 years ago
Season 2, Episode 10: Data centres – there is power in being connected
The importance of being connected has never been greater, and the data centres required to facilitate this connectivity have never seen more of the limelight. But the data centre market itself is…
2 years ago
Could urban malls in APAC be the next data centre frontier?
Is the urban mall now in permanent decline, or are there avenues that landlords could explore to stage a comeback?
2 years ago
Real Estate Investment: A data revolution?
This article originally featured in Active Capital 2019.Data capture and use is rapidly on the rise, increasing transparency and creating both challenges and opportunities. Here, we explore some of…
4 years ago

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