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Asia-Pacific Residential Review: Mid-Year Analysis
A comprehensive mid-year analysis of the residential landscape for the first half of 2023.
2 days ago
Unravelling the impending tremors in China's property market
Do financing restrictions, delivery concerns, and debt issues present a systemic risk in China's property market?
5 days ago
Singapore becoming critical global wealth hub
Its ability to attract global businesses, and rich ecosystem of services make Singapore an attractive proposition for investors.
One month ago
Hong Kong amongst most expensive cities for luxury homes
Despite the down-cycle in mass residential market, the luxury market in Hong Kong remained resilient in 2022.
2 months ago
How many square metres of prime property will US$1m buy you in Singapore?
Our Prime International Residential Index reveals how Singapore has performed in sales and rental markets in 2022.
3 months ago
Luxury watches investment of choice in Singapore
Jewellery, luxury handbags and coloured diamonds also continue to perform, according to the latest Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index.
3 months ago
Private investors dominate APAC commercial real estate investment
Private investors drive APAC's commercial real estate growth, with 32% of high-net-worth-individuals planning increased investment.
3 months ago

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The real estate market in Asia Pacific is expected to see a number of trends and shifts in 2023, driven by economic and demographic factors, and changing consumer preferences and behaviours. Here are…
6 months ago
The hotels sector, industrial space and office markets are expected to firm up on flows of people, goods and business from China.
7 months ago
In this article, Erin Van Tuil, Head of Residential, Knight Frank Australia, shares her perspective on the outlook on the Australian residential landscape for 2023 and offers advice on how to…
7 months ago
Making sense of the latest trends in property and economics from around the globe
7 months ago
In this article, Nicholas Keong, Head of Private Office, Knight Frank Singapore, shares his perspective on the outlook on the residential landscape for 2023 and offers advice on how to capitalise on…
7 months ago
Updated quarterly, the Asia-Pacific Office Highlights Report provides a concise synopsis of office market drivers in the region.
7 months ago
Fred Fitzalan Howard, Associate Director, Data Centres Lead, Asia Pacific, shares his insights and discusses opportunities for the coming year
7 months ago
While the current macroeconomic conditions are causing headwinds, there are still many opportunities in Asia-Pacific for occupiers.
7 months ago
In this article Yoona Choi, Managing Director, Knight Frank Korea, shares with us her views on the outlook for 2023 and gives her advice on how to best pivot towards opportunities.
7 months ago